Zanzibar travel tips

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From Europe:

Many companies serve direct flights to Dar el Salaam (on the mainland) or Zanzibar from most European countries. Find your best rates by: Frankfurt, Rome, Brussels, Paris with: KLM, ArkeFly, Qatar, Emirates, Condor, Ethiopian Airlines and many more have daily or weekly flights to Zanzibar. Visit for the best deals.

From Africa:

Kenya Airways, Precision Air, Ethiopian Airlines, Egypt Air, Air Malawi, South African Airways and British Airways are just a few examples of companies that fly from all parts of Africa to Zanzibar.

From the rest of the world:

From elsewhere, Ethiopian Airlines, Kenya Airways, British Airways, Qatar Airways, Emirates Airlines and Swis have flights from many major cities.

Domestic flights:

Precision Airways and Coastal Aviation offer flights between Zanzibar and the major Tanzanian cities.

Reaching Zanzibar by sea:

There are numerous companies offering a ferry service between Zanzibar and Dar el Salam. Azam Marine is probably the largest.

Getting to the Paradise Beach Resort:

Our resort offers Taxi service for our guests, whether they come by sea or by air. Just tell us when you are arriving and we will be there to meet you.

Our Beach & Safari Holiday department can assist you to make your booking or holiday program!