Sports & activities

Around the island and on the many beaches there are a wide range of activities and sports, both within and outside the hotel. We organize beach volleyball, football, beach tennis and ping pong tournaments for our guests.

Between our resort and all activities there are paid transfers available. Some even offer free transfers. Our excursion desk staff will inform you about this.

We can also provide you with everything you need to practice snorkeling, diving or kite surfing. We also have a Dhow sailing boat available if you love fishing. On the open sea you will find wide variesty of fish like the sailfish, marlinfish and many others.

Another way to enjoy the ocean is to let a local fisherman guide you aboard a typical Zanzibar fishing boat, called dhows, and learn their traditional fishing methods. Or if you prefer, you can hire a mountain bike to explore the many beaches and fishing villages along the coast.

And you can always enjoy our pool table and many board games that we have to offer our guests.

Kite Surfing

Zanzibar Kite surfing

Kite surfing is the hottest, most sensational and fastest growing sport in the world! Kite surfing can be learned relatively quick compared with other sports for example windsurfing or skiing.

Zanzibar is a great place for kite surfing. Here we have the perfect conditions for beginners and more experienced kiters. Shallow blue waters, sandy bottoms & constant winds make Zanzibar a idyllic place to kite surf... The reef is far out and here for the first part is flat water, perfect for beginners and freestylers. The reef itself gives you amazing waves for the more experienced kite surfer. Not forget to mention at the playful background of the endless blue Indian Ocean you find beautiful white beaches, African villages where the pace of life hasn’t seem to change for over fifty years.

The people are curious, friendly and welcoming but most of all they teach us what we in the fast western world lost a long time a go… Hakuna Matata ( no problem) and Pole Pole ( take it slow) Zanzibar is a unique place to combine this extreme sport, with relaxing and discovering the raw beauty of this relatively untouched island. We cannot wait to teach you this fantastic sport and share our knowledge of these waters and surrounding with you!!

Quad safari

Zanzibar Quad safari

Discover Zanzibar by Quad, riding almost off-road, visiting the local fisherman villages, crossing the white sand beaches, meeting the local people (don´t forget the sweets for the children). After the lunch, time for a relax or swimming.

Water skiing

Zanzibar Water skiing

The sea in front of Nungwi is calm for most of the year and is a good place for waterskiing and wake-boarding. Our speedboat is powered by a 250hp Mercury engine that produces the perfect ride, flexible for all levels. Our skis are suitable for beginners and our experienced captains can give you some pointers to improve your skills. We also have mono-skis available.

For those who prefer to be on one board rather than two we have wake-boards available. We have two different boards, so you can see which one suits your style best. Again, the captains are experienced wake-boarders and can show you new tricks and cool new moves


Zanzibar Parasailing

Parasailing – your chance to fly like a bird … to defy gravity. Float above the Indian Ocean and see the stunning views of Zanzibar!

Everyone, from 8 to 80 years old can parasail – it's safe, easy and no experience is necessary. Sit back, relax, and let our experienced staff take care of everything.


Zanzibar Jetskiing

Make your Jetski Safari. Brand new Yamaha 110HP 4-Stroke Jet-Skis. The tour is starting from Nungwi and heads out towards the mysterious island of Tumbatu. After a break in high-speed cruising back to one of the most beautiful beaches in the world.

Dhow Sailing

Zanzibar Dhow sailing

The sunsets in Zanzibar can be stunning and the best way to get an uninterrupted view is from the deck of a sailing dhow. These comfortable traditional style boats will take you from our resort and cruise around and past the fishing fleet, allowing for some great photo opportunities. Then, if you choose to, we can take you to the reefs to enjoy a last bit of snorkelling before the sun goes down. You then head back under the power of sail and enjoy the feeling of the wind at your back, just as the old Arab traders must have done .

Snorkeling and deep Sea Game Fishing

Zanzibar deep Sea Game Fishing

In the clear blue waters from Zanzibar you will find thousands of spots for snorkeling. The waters around Zanzibar are home to excellent big game fishing and are famous world wide for the exciting opportunities they provide. Further south at Mafia Island and Latham Island there are fishing grounds which are almost untouched with very few local fishermen around.

With large schools of barracuda, wahoo, king fish and giant travelli in the area all year and seasonal visits from many other species the fishing off Zanzibar is an experience you will never forget. We offer you the best price on the island, for only 150.-- € per person you will have a great day. Bring your big fish with you and our Chef will make a delicious dinner for you and your friends.


Zanzibar kayaking

The coastline around Zanzibar is very varied and interesting. From the fishing village of Nungwi to the white sand beaches of Kendwa. From the empty, undeveloped beach South of Ras Nungwi to the small islands dotted around there is much to explore and many places to lose yourself. What better way to do this than in our kayaks? We have two man boats so you can enjoy the trip with your partner, or single person kayaks if you fancy a bit of solitude.