High and Low tides in Zanzibar

The whole island is under the influence of the Indian Ocean tides, caused by the effect of the moon's gravity against the mass of the ocean. The difference between low and high tide can be of up to 2 ½ metres, allowing a fascinating view of the fluctuating coastal ecosystem. The East coast of Zanzibar is protected by the coral reef, creating a large area of shallow water that is exposed when the tide is low.

Each day the tide changes twice, with a daily offset of 20 minutes, so that the high and low tide cycle is slightly different each day.

About Paradise Beach Resort

Swimming is possible at high tide, but not at low tide, and the cycle time between low and high tide is 6 hours. It is still possible to swim between tides from our jetty, that has steps into the ocean for easy access. Swimming is possible over 325 days a year, and the sand is soft, white and very relaxing to walk on.

Our Second Beach

Due to its unique characteristics, the second beach is less influenced by the tide. The coral reef is closer to the shore, and the ocean is slightly deeper, making it easier to walk on at low tide. The colour of the water is turquoise and clean and it is a delight to swim in.

We have a bar, bathroom and sunbeds at the second beach for our guests, and for our all-inclusive guests we have a free daily shuttle service available. The second beach is very extense, and you can walk many kilometres along it. It takes around 45 minutes to walk to the beach from the Resort.


We are in a tropical region, so the local seaweed can grow quite fast, and on windy days, some of it ends up on the beach. We remove the seaweed daily, giving it to the local village, who are happy to sell it as an extra income. They consider it a “gift from the ocean”, and it is exported to China, Korea, Vietnam, Denmark and Spain to be used either as a vegetable or as a base for medicine and cosmetics.

Name of the Resort: Paradise Beach Resort

The Resort is located in “Paradise Beach” bay, named by the locals for its famous abundance of seafood and fish, and much more. Their definition of “paradise” is of course different from ours! For them, it is the richness of their harvests and the sustenance of their families, and for us it is the peaceful, warm beauty of the Indian Ocean and its sandy beaches. At Paradise Beach Resort, both paradises live together in harmony.

While there are times when it is not possible to swim in the ocean, you can always swim in out fresh water swimming pool.

High and Low tides in Zanzibar High and Low tides in Zanzibar High and Low tides in Zanzibar High and Low tides in Zanzibar